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kupo! the beginning p3

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Author Comments

*edit* thanks for the score so far, but common folks I need some reviews so I can find out what i need to improve on! hit me with it. :)

runtime : aprx. 3m10s

*based very loosely on final fantasy and lots of other junk i've played and watched, this episode follows the group as they journey to the only other known crystal, where they will meet a new unknown enemy.

I know the sound effects leave something to be desired, so feel free to drop me a line if you of a good place to get some free SFX!

Comments, critiques, reviews, and what not, ARE welcome.

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Fun to watch

Maybe it's just me, but I haven't the highest expectations for every flash movie. Not everybody here on NG has the luxury of endless free time to create a perfect submission. So, I may oversee some minor errors that other users dislike much more I guess.

All I want from a flash movie that it entertains me in some way. I found this movie here absolutely entertaing, good fight scenes, nice story, interesting chars (ok, some maybe more interesting then others, but isn't this rather normal for any movie or book or gamel?!).

I hope you continue the series, I'll watch and btw, you may not be in the Top5, but you are in the daily Top10 - means you made one of the 10 best submissions today, and isn't this a reason to be proud?

synsacrum responds:

heck yeah I'm proud! shoot I'm happy as long as I get a green score and a few people tend to like it :D

as you said I don't always have a lot of spare time, but i do intend to continue with the series but it may be a long while before the next comes out. That being said from here on out each episode will focus on one, two characters tops (at least as far as I've got planned out) so hopefully the characters will each come into their own as the story progresses.

glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for the comments :)

Not bad. But try and make it more original

It wasn't that I didn't like what you did with the different characters or how you gave all them a little bit of variety. It should feel closely original and something you created on your own. Some parts of that level of originality do shine through but it feels too much like you are borrowing from things outside of that. Kurama has the potential to read to much Lee from Naruto, and as well the characters that start the battle feel and copy too much from typical anime cutscenes. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

It might just be the fact that you happen to be below the top 5 that show under P-bot, but on the other hand it might just be random obscurity. Keep doing what you do because it seems like you want to do more with this animation. Oh, and I was going to add something about lower quality characters within a computer world that goes multiple lengths and somehow has story shine through but I can't remember the name of animation. Though I will say that style and execution are two completely different things. Make them your own.

synsacrum responds:

first off, thank you for what is easily the most in depth review I've received on any animation. thanks for taking the time, and for the comments, and thanks for the rating!

while i'm sorry to hear you don't think the characters are very original, i will also admit that there are definitely a lot of keys elements of each character that do correspond with bits and pieces of the various games and shows that I've watched. I will try to make them more my own as I continue on. I do also find it very interesting that you liken Kurama to Lee, as in my mind I really can't see the resemblance and that definitely wasn't what I was going for. He's supposed to be overcome by the urge to fight anything that moves, he doesn't attack the other moogles because they're all knocked out when he enters, and the brief moment of clarity a towards the end comes the crystal explosion.

and below the top 5? from what yesterday? awesome :D

these are something that I've always wanted to do, and i plan to keep doing them in my free time. i feel i've improved a lot and I hope to keep improving as I go, and from here on out the episodes will focus mainly on individual characters so maybe that will help to bring out what i had in mind for each one.

p.s. I will admit i'm a little confused by the last bit of your post (last few lines), but thanks again for the review and comments. feel free to post again!

Credits & Info

4.87 / 5.00

May 22, 2011
7:12 PM EDT