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Trying to be gangster...


this potato is trying to be gangster!..and it went wrong

this is my first sculpt in blender and i love it :)

the texture map is cool looking to ;)

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Nice try

The wall in the background looks very good and realistic. The "potatoe" guy builds some contrast to that wall as he doesn't have too many details in his face. Also the face looks too bright because of the light source. I guess it's supposed to be a flash light shining in his face, which fits well into the context of a "failed gangster", but for the sake of the picture I think it would be better if the light wasn't so bright.

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PlusPlusKid responds:

okay. thanks :)

Not Bad, Not amazing

I'll be honest, my first impression when I saw this was "What the fuck am I looking at?"
After reading the comments however, I gained more of an understanding, and can now appreciate what you were trying to do.

The background seems to stand out compared to everything else. It doesn't look like it was made in the same way the potato was. I suspect you've taken it from something else? Not a bad thing, but I cant really award you any points for it.
Truth be told, I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that this was a potato, so you may want to work on the textures and detail. Just a few touch-ups here and there could really help to define it.
He sort of looks expressionless. Whether that was intentional or not is debatable, but I personally would have liked to see a bit more shock on his face.
Also, try playing around with shadows a little more. The spotlight could have produced a much stronger contrast in my opinion.

I know thats a lot of negatives, and I'm not trying to put you down, just wanting to help. What I will say is that all in all, I just love the concept. I mean, why a potato? Who cares? it works, and thats what I love.

It's quirky. It's original. I like it. You just need to give it all a bit more definition and a bit of a polish.

Good job man!

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PlusPlusKid responds:

because i cant do necks and it seemed it looked kinda like a potato...

Not bad

I still think it's fascinating to see how you've improved over time with Blender.

I'm going to assume that the background is simply a picture you found? It doesn't look anything like the style of the potato, but it still fits very well, and doesn't look out of place. Really seems to be a part of the piece.

My main problem is that it's not very easy to see that this is a potato. You might want to add some more texture to it, it seems fairly smooth right now. I like how you did the mouth and nose, as well as the eyes. Would love to see a bigger version of this though. Not too sure about the lighting, seems like this wannabe gangster just got spotted by the police or something like that.

The hair is pretty good, apart from the bald spots I see. Still a huge improvement over some of your earlier hair.

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PlusPlusKid responds:

yeah he got spotted

p.s. i assume i need to work way harder to get another 9 ;)


Well this was quite strange and different I guess since it is a potato trying to fit in where it would never be able to in the least. The background texture seems simple enough. The light hitting down on the potato seems to imply that it did something bad and has just now been caught or is standing under a street light nearby.

The hair seems to make it look human along with the nose and eyes. the mouth kind of seems to blend in as part of a potato but everything else seems to be giving it a human look to it here so that is interesting anyways. So what did they potato do that it was not supposed to do this time?

Overall, potato!!

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PlusPlusKid responds:

it robbed an old lady...well thats what it went to prison for, in reality J.R Potato was helping her cross the street

Nice work

I like the way that this picture looks - I'm not sure about the title, as it seems a little ambiguous, with the way that I can't see how the potato is trying to be gangster. Unless you're making an issue of the potato being dark skinned, which would be pushing the boundaries of taste far too far.

The spotlight is good and the shading around it works well, as does the background detail that you've put in there - the bricks all look different, which adds so much character to the piece.

I'd like to see some more action in the picture, rather than just being in what I presume to be a police spotlight. Some sort of actual gangster action, such as a drug deal, extorting money with menaces, or posing with a gun, rather than looking a little gormless in the light, as it does at the moment.

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PlusPlusKid responds:

well its after a highspeed chase when they corner him...

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3.33 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2011
2:41 PM EDT
3D Art
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427 x 311 px
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