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Freaky Food


The 2 Fools watching a scary movie!

made with blender 2.5.7


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Nice background

I really like the background here, it adds a whole new level to the picture. Also the source of light coming from the front is a good choice because now we can start imagine why both fruits are so scared. Maybe they are watching a horror movie and are scared because of what's happening on screen? Or they surprised some burglar that is shining with his flash light.

Anyway, this picture is really nice.

{ Review Request Club }

PlusPlusKid responds:

thanks haggard :D


Well, the addition of a background to this piece certainly brings it to life and the fact that they both appear scared of something else is a little off-putting. If you had their eyes both looking the same way, i could understand, but it seems that from my point of view, I'm threatening the apple with a corer in my left hand and the pear with a peeler or a knife in my right.

Crucially though, there are no shadows from their assailant - could the light source be between the fruit and whatever they are afraid of, or is it just an omission? I'm tending toward the latter.

I'd like to see you make some sort of comic out of these techniques, because you're getting quite accomplished at this sort of drawing, so why not make it better, by encouraging you to develop as you write something like that?

[Review Request Club]

PlusPlusKid responds:

i actually made a 13 second cartoon with these guys XD

also the light source is between them :)


I'm really impressed with this piece. Been interesting watching how you've changed, artistically, throughout the months you've been requesting reviews.

Did you make the background as well?

The fruits look really good. Their mouths, teeth and eyes all look very cool in this style, somewhat cartoony. I can still see some lines, but you've smoothed it all out very well. The shadows are a bit unnatural, being so black, but it's easy to see where the lightsource is.

I'm also missing the "stalk" at the top of the pear and apple. They look very much like plastic, unnatural replicas, now, almost too perfect. The texture of fruit is rarely like this, flawless.

Review Request Club

PlusPlusKid responds:

to answer the question about the kitchen background, no i didnt make it, that is a post-render image that i edited in, i am aware of the stalk, and i will try to make any fruit in the future less shiny, i have just learned how to make a decent face texture, so expect to see another face with a maybe body :)

Definitely cool!

The details you have added to everything in this peice look amazing!
Everything here is actually really convincing beside the fruit... obviously lol.
I personally love 3D art, and think that this piece is pretty top notch!
I love the whole kitchen scene you've perfectly set them in; awesome! :D

I would definately focus on a couple of key things here.
The eyes on the friut look slightly cloudy, and don't have enough shine to them in contrast to everything else.
also the texture split down the center of the apple creature is pretty noticeable.
I'm not art professional :3
But that's what I see

Great Effort!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

PlusPlusKid responds:

i think apples actually have a kind of line thing :3

Strange indeed

Well those are two very strange looking pieces of fruit anyways. Wonder what got into them and started to make them live anyways since that is quite odd and unusual though. Still looks really well done and the background is nice too I think so you did well here.

The background seems simple and fitting enough seeing that it is a kitchen which one would normally find fruit in.

Both fruits seem to be well textured actually. You can kind of feel like they were real if it were not for the faces being on them anyways which make them fake but obviously still weird fruit. The apple looks like it may be scaring something while the pear is scared of something creating a contrasting image here.

The only noticeable thing keeping the image from blending perfectly is that you can see a bit of a green outline on the fruits, not very noticeable though.

Overall, nicely done yet weird look fruit drawing.

Review Request Club

PlusPlusKid responds:

im editing the image to have no green line as i type!

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2011
4:14 PM EDT
3D Art
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484 x 360 px
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