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Newgrounds Wiki: Site Moderation

There are a lot of people who work hard to keep the site up and running. In addition to the Newgrounds staff there are countless moderators who help to maintain civility in various sections of the site.

If you are having a problem with the site and can't find a solution in the wiki or the forums, contact Tom or Wade to report the issue. Please don't disrupt the rest of the staff, as they have plenty of other work to be doing. Keep in mind we are a small team and it is impossible to respond to every PM. We do read them all, though! Thank you for your patience and support.

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Site moderators (also known as "mods") help maintain select areas of the site, generally making sure that members of the NG community are somewhat polite and policing the site for stolen content.

Forum Moderators - enforce the Forum rules and can lock threads, delete threads, posts, signatures or signature pictures, and ban users. When a user is banned from the Forums it only affects his posting privileges; the rest of NG is still accessible.

Game and Movie Moderators - enforce the Game and Movie Guidelines. Update tags and genres to properly categorize content.

Audio Moderators - enforce the Audio Guidelines. Update tags and genres to properly categorize content.

Review Moderators - enforce the review guidelines, and judge whether reviews flagged as abusive are deleted or not.

Art Moderators - review art that has been reported for being stolen, offensive, or in violation of other Art Portal rules.

API Moderators - enforce the API guidelines and can remove medals from games and movies.

Do not ask to be a mod! Users who are polite, intelligent and helpful will receive personal invites when the time arises that we need more mods. Asking to be a mod is a quick way to not become a mod.

The Mods

Forum Moderators: 4urentertainment, Afro-Ninja, Auz, aviewaskewed, BrokenDeck, Canas, Carmilla, Dean, Diki, EJR, Evark, EyeLovePoozy, idle, jarrydn, JeremyLokken, Jonas, Kirk-Cocaine, Malachy, MindChamber, Murray, NekoMika, NEVR, ornery, poxpower, reverend, Rig, Rucklo, Sam, SevenSeize, stafffighter, STEM, tigerkitty, Timmy, TurkeyOnAStick, Zachary, and ZJ.

Game and Movie Moderators: Afro-Ninja, Alexander, Asandir, Auz, DiMono, EJR, Exedor, ForNoReason, Heinrich, Jay, Jolly, Murray, NekoMika, Nijsse, reverend, Sectus, simon, TehSlapHappy, Zachary, and ZJ

Review Moderators: aviewaskewed, Coop, Evark, Exedor, EyeLovePoozy, kidray76, life, Malachy, MindChamber, NekoMika, NEVR, ornery, reverend, SevenSeize, and tigerkitty.

Audio Moderators: B0UNC3, Bad-Man-Incorporated, Breed, BrokenDeck, CarrotClock, DarKsidE555, Echo, Envy, Gian, InvisibleObserver, jarrydn, Jonas, Kirbyfemur, midimachine, MindChamber, NekoMika, Rig, Rucklo, Sequenced, and Step.

Art Moderators: AlmightyHans, BoMToons, Cairos, deadspread83, EyeLovePoozy, ImpendingRiot, Jazza, Jonas, LegolaSS, lovingthedark, MindChamber, ornery, poxpower, sucho, and TurkeyOnAStick.

Icon Moderators: Afro-Ninja, Alexander, Asandir, Auz, EJR, EyeLovePoozy, ForNoReason, Heinrich, Jolly, Krinkels, life, Loki, Luwano, Magical-Zorse, Mr-Shark, reverend, Sectus, shunshuu, simon, TehSlapHappy, Zachary, and ZJ.

API Moderators - EdyKel, EJR, ForNoReason, Knuckstrike, Nijsse, PulseLane and Shantom.

The Bots

In addition to the human moderators, we have developed several bots who automate many of the tasks that would be too hard for a human to perform on a regular basis. If you are contacted by a bot who isn't on this list, it's a fake.

P-Bot - Picks the daily Flash Portal winners and announces them on the front page every day, and removes unworthy submissions from the site with his BLAM cannon.

A-Bot - Sorts and ranks Audio files submitted to the Audio Portal, and picks and highlights weekly winners.

G-Bot - Creates, validates, and ranks user accounts.

M-Bot - Assists site moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews.

I-Bot - Helps users filter and sort Art Portal submissions, picks each day's winning works of art.