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Newgrounds Wiki: Supporter Upgrade

Newgrounds is an independent website with over 25 years of history. We don’t sell or share your personal data and we don’t do any weird tracking for personalized ads. Our goal is to be 100% ad-free, ideally with a surplus that could plug into our rev-share system, previously developed for ads.

We can’t do this without your help!

To hopefully win you over, we’ve developed a number of Supporter perks:

β›” No Ads

Browse NG without ads, which we have less and less of nowadays, however you can also avoid ads asking you to become a supporter!

🟧 Custom Profile Picture Shape

Via the Edit button on the user page, Supporters can click the Icon Options button to choose from a variety of profile shapes. Your profile picture will also have a color outline based on the link color you select for your page.


πŸ“› Supporter Badge

A special badge will appear next to your name on your user page and on the forums. After one year of Support you will also collect a year-specific badge to appear on your trophies page.



✏️ Username Change

Once per 30 days, Supporters have the option to change their username via the Username and Email form under account options.

🏷️ Featured Tags

Supporters can feature specific tags at the top of their gallery pages, to guide users towards specific items.

πŸ’Ύ Dumping Grounds Storage

Supporters get access to Dumping Grounds, for quick file sharing.

🎨 More Multi-Art

Supporters can upload up to 40 pieces of art in a single art project.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Extra Forum Images

Supporters gain the ability to upload up to ten pictures in a forum post.

🎞️ Animated Forum Signature

Supporters gain the option to upload an animated signature image via the Forum Sig page.

πŸ“ Extended Forum Signature

Supporters get a 250 character limit for their forum signature.

βœ‰οΈ Extra Private Messaging Space

Supporters get double the space for private messages.

😎 Exclusive Emotes

Supporters unlock bonus emotes, available to use in forum posts, blogs and private messages.


❇️ Level Icon Selector

Instead of being stuck with the icon of their current level, Supporters can choose the icon from any level unlocked previously. Just click the level icon on your page to edit!

πŸ”’ Playlist Visibility Options

Supporters can make their playlists private or unlisted.

🀫 Secret Forum

Yes, we have a secret forum for Supporters! Are you curious?


🌟Wall of Honor

You will be highlighted on the Mighty Wall of Honor!


If you would like to support NG but don't want your Supporter status to be visible, you can toggle the visibility of your status via the Supporter Management page, which is linked to from the top of your Account Settings page when you're a Supporter. This is also the page you should go to if you need to cancel or edit the payment information for your Supporter status.

Thank you for considering!