Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


at the last boss final form use Zombie than a revive item after yo-yevin will die


Actually really enjoyed this entry. It's been so long since I've played Final Fantasy X, but everything still seemed so familiar when I saw it. Liked Kimahri passing out to the Marlboro breath as well as Sin playing Blitzball. Also was that a Blue Rabbit doll I saw Lulu playing about with at the start? He was defo in the minigame! good job

you got to the final boss too huh?

cauz the final battle music was your intro music. i can not beat jecht at the end though. :(


I liked it.

laugh out loud funny!

Yes, many of the jokes actually had me lol-ing. This is a really cute tribute, and I love the character animation. The music fit perfectly, of course, considering that its from the game. I'd love to see more FF tributes. :)