Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

final fantasy x

the last two guys are idiots they don't realize that this flash is from 2003.

I agree with oyezoyez.

This has very bad graphics and no story.
It's almost as if you were insulting it, since you have NO IDEA what happens.
And I do know what happens.
I've finished Final Fantasy 10, ten times over.
But the reason I hate this the most is, what acually happened in this very bad movie.
I don't know why, and don't WANT to know why, how you could possibly insult such a good game, the worst way I can imagine.
But what I also can't imagine is, you're a FAN.. wouldn't you know what happened?
Wouldn't you have done a better job?
Would you have at least thought it through?
Shame on you. :(

You killed the game.

KILLED IT! Bad graphics and no story. Not funny at all.

FFX lol

i wounder what would happend if yuna didnt send tidus at the end of the game :P lol jecht/sin that means tidus would be the son of a sin!

i thought so

since jecht is sin, sin is a expert blitzball player.