Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


It was Perfect. The graphics were some of the best Ive seen and the music was cool. I really liked the fact at the end you get to play a game, though lax in content (the minigame) its was still pretty good.

Really good

i thought it was a really good movie


Wow, I loved this movie. The music made it hilarious (even though it was metal) and all the comedy was just so funny. I got a score of 27 in that last minigame. I also loved that part with Sin playing blitzball.

on the whole it was enjoyable

overall, I liked it, im a big fan of the games myself and this was one of the best tributes to the games ive ever watched.


that was great. the whole thing was funny. and those mini games were fun too O_o...i still cant get it out of my head when that marblo monster comes up and yuna pulls out a pack of mentos..LOL
(beacuse bad breath is marblo's main atack if u didnt know and ur not a die hard fan of ff.)
well keep up the great work pal.