Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

aww this is my favourite thing on here..

...apart from metal gear toast.
*but anyway great film its so reaslistic, Lulu would thunderRikku :)
kimahri was good but my favourite bit is when wakka punchs the ball and raises his eyebrows :) brilliant.

make another on x-2? (then again, it would be adult, as rikku wears a bikini -.-)

Good movie

There's not much more I need to say.

i love otherworld...

lol, i agree with u, i think auron wears a wig too... i loved it, and u are the only oter people i know who know what the otherworld song is... LOVE IT


a very good idea and i love the ffx game because i have over 300 hours on my one and 255 max in every stat and all the celestial weapons with every body and killed penance with ease

Yay FFX!

Bwahahaha! And actually, in the game I have, Rikku would beat up Lulu in magic :) And Yuna, Auron, and Tidus could kill ANYTHING. (all stats 200+ w/ Break Dmg Limit)