Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


the detail of the characters sort of takes away from the characters ing ame, i mean, rikku looks like a man, =\.. still fascinating, but it looks liek it could've been much better..

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Yeah I know......this was kind of an odd one. I'm pleased with it, but with a bit of tweaking it could have been better.

cool game/movie

....in the casino cait sith rolls the dice and gets 12 but the damage is 2400 your wrong it should only be 1200....just reminding you

but great game/movie

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

well, this review is in the wrong place....but.....
I'm NOT wrong. Cait Sith rolled 2 sixes.
when he gets 2 of the same number, the overall damage is doubled. Meaning he is capable of doing 2400 damage.


That was pretty awesome, loved the minigames! Cool sound, nice art and well animated, even if it does slay most computers with its complexity! Pretty nifty work. Give yourself 3.14 pats on the back. Each.

good but not perfect

It was cool with BFA (braska final aeon) background music.

Pretty good

I'd like to see one of these as a sprite movie sometime. I know, it's more of a request than a review, isn't it?

The movie itself was good, but not too terribly interesting to me.