Reviews for "FFX Tribute"

I admit to not caring that much for this. I guess it doesn't hold up well. The animation is probably too weird. I mean, these characters really do look freaky! They look too cartoonish and not like a video game. Then again, I haven't played the actual game.

I hope that's not how they look there. Even the minigames were kind of boring. At least they existed! It was fun to see the franchise being represented in an okay manner. Of course, not being a fan, I can't tell.

I remember this old thing... used to be back on flashplayer (before it became Ugoplayer and Died)
was a good movie...

also my score was a modest 35

Funny tribute

Very funny and the minigame is awesome.


Wakka FAILED!!!!!!!

Good flash :) But is it just me....

Is it just me or is Tidus one of the most annoying characters in the Final Fantasy series?