Reviews for "FFX Tribute"


I played FFX and has been a fan of it since, and I have to say, this is a great tribute for fans and others alike. The scenes were downright funny and had some great references, in which this movie reminded me of somewhat like a blooper reel. The art and animation was superb too, and the minigames were fun to play with.


That was awesome dude =D keep makin more and il be sure to check your work out with the ffx parodies i mean come on, who cant love final fantasy X?

final fantasy all good

anything related to final fantasy is good:l and this was quite well done on its own


Hehe, auto-love for any FFX tribs/parodies out there.. It is, after all, the game (not including WoW, but I never include that..it just consumes soooo much time) that I have spent the most time searching through and getting the secrets/bonuses. I hate my brother, but we could both come together over a gr8 game like FFX and it's always good to see a submission about it.

Keep up the excellent work & the FF submissions >.>! :D


I've never played this FF game myself, but it seems to be a great tribute. Great graphics, great animation and a great choice of music to go with it. No FF7 tributes? heh, keep up the great work!