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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

I'm completely stuck. I see the green key but it won't let me pick it up.
would not you post a walkthrough? :( Where should I go? I have already clicked... everywhere! :((

Got all the medals - hard to see the knot to move things along sometimes, though that's been mentioned before. I was disappointed it doesn't save your progress if you have to come back later.

Another great game. I enjoyed it quite a bit I did miss a few medals though. Keep up the great work.


Amazing game! I love when I find a game that keeps me engaged, gives me about an hour of good fun and stimulates my imagination. I loved the art, gameplay, the story, and the overall flavour. I loved how it's all story-driven. I also love the fact that despite having finished it, I didn't get all the medals, so that there are more things to do, so I can give it another go with the goal of getting the other medals.

The game has many interesting details. For example, I liked the fact that there's a realm/character for the sole purpose of trading items. So, many items exist for the sole purpose of being traded and adding a bit more flavour to the game.