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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

I had to use the walkthrough below to help me get through this lol. It was a pretty great game though! The graphics were nice and the number-puzzles weren't difficult. This is a good play if you want an interesting plot.

To all those stuck... here are spoilers. Note, I didn't find all these, I copypasted them from someone elses comment to help the medal hunters who were really stuck. If you don't want spoilers, don't look.
1) Alf - Pick Up Blue Rune
2) Svart - Talk to Olaf
3) Alf - Talk to Edgar
4) Svart - Buy Dwarven Ale
5) Mus - Talk to Dimri
6) Nif - Talk to Fenrir
7) Hel - Place Hand, Get Rune
8) Mid - Talk to Rikvi (Bragi's Poem)
9) Svart - Talk to Olaf
10) Mid - Talk to Rikvi
11) Van - Talk to Erik (Book of Nornir)
12) Svart - Buy Ash Wood
13) Musp - Create Torch
14) Hel - Light Unlit Torch
15) Asg - Talk to Heimdall (Guardian)
16) Jot - Talk to Frost Giant
17) Nif - Pick Up Coin
18) Svart - Talk to Halvor (Dwarven Forge)
19) Van - Trade for Ancient Scroll
20) Hel - Input Code/Red Chest
21) Nif - Norn Puzzle (Urd)
22) Mid - Talk to Seer
23) Asg - Green Chest
24) Hel - Enter Tomb (Thunderous Treasure)
25) Svart - Pay the man
26) Mid - Kill Hunin
27) Van - Trade for Purple Key
28) Musp - Purple Chest
29) Mid - Norn Puzzle (Verdandi)
30) Svart - Talk to Halvor
31) Nif - Blue Chest
32) Jot - Talk to Frost Giant
33) Alf - Set Sail
34) Hel - Yellow Chest
35) Svart - Give Rune
36) Alf - Norn Puzzle (Skuld)
37) Mus - Give Amulet
38) Svart - Kill Munin
39) Hel - Orange Chest
40) Mid - Talk to Seer (Ragnarok)
41) Svart - Talk to Halvor
42) Nif - Talk to Fenrir


I had a good time enjoyed the hour or so of entertainment. neat lil story. the artwork was adequate and got the point across. its point and click i don't get why people complain about cut scenes too long or dialogues too long. every point n click has that.
had some issues - after i bought the ash wood and made it a torch, i went through every realm 5 times clicking everything putting my cursor everywhere! i thought the game glitched and eventually after leaving for a break and coming back i started going through the realms with a fine tooth come talking and moving mouse everywhere in every centimeter of screen, i got to Helheim and went to second screen where its all black and the guy says darkness can kill a god or something. But i finally move my cursor to right side of screen and the wood on fire i had finally lit up. I moved and checked that area probably 5 times. Not sure why it wasn't popping up but if its a common glitch might be something in the game's programming. Good luck on t he bug overall i enjoyed it.

I needed a little push from the comments, but this was a great game overall. I love the story. The mechanics were a little tough at first, but it flowed after that.