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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

Hmm... I'm missing quite a few medals, despite being fairly thorough... Oh well. The game is great. I wish that the "continue" symbol wasn't so hard to see sometimes. There were a few times where I was stuck after certain events because I couldn't find the symbol in the darkness onscreen. This is fun to play, but the plot is a little uninteresting. Norse mythology is very cool, but I believe it's the simple dialogue during some major events that makes it difficult to feel immersed for me. Deaths don't have much impact and Ragnarok playing out at the end felt like a minor detail...

Ánægð með þennan leik :)

One detail: Helgi is a male name. Helga is the female version ;)

What's with all these point and click adventure games on the front page lately? I will always give you credit for following the "Final Fantasy 7 Collab". This was still interesting. I thought this was going to be about the son avenging his father's death. It was unpredictable that way.

The art was fairly good. I'm just not that much into point and click adventure games. Still, it was at least innovative and had a nice story. I uh, got some easy medals. I need to stop saying that. The layout's quite good.

Eg Drykkur mjod. Eigi vatn!

Very nice game!
I noticed that while still in judgment the medals didn't work, so I needed to play again... I used the Newgrounds player.
I also noticed that in my first run I've found one of the ravens, but didn't find any in the second, so this means there's more than one way to play the game and your choices change the game somehow. Though I'm too lazy right now to find it out... I wouldn't mind some walkthrough right now...

RunningZombie responds:

It's linear. I put in some secrets for the medal hunters. Thanks for the review!