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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

I'm kinda confused. I finally beat the game, but didn't get several of the medals in the process? I never even saw Bragi, Hugin or Munin...

RunningZombie responds:

There are many hidden medals, you need to explore to find them!

I am kind of lost here. Finished the game a first time, and left a lot of medals unearned. So I did it a second time, and yet can't find any fork in what seems to be a perfectly linear game :/
After some time the seer says "your path has been chosen", which makes me believe that there are actually alternate paths, but I have no clue.

Based. Flash is not dead

Albeit the game is much more confusing than your earlier games. The game should be slightly more obvious. I didn't have such problems in your previous games

Clicking on items should give me some general idea

I have no idea what to do with travelers rune, checked everything. And why Flash?

EDIT: OK in Svartalheim you give the rune to the person there (dialog on first screen), no idea how I overlooked this for so long. Still running around a lot in random to see where it goes on...

RunningZombie responds:

Don't Flash shame...

Love the music, love the story. The puzzles are very challenging, and this game is not for the impatient. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to progress the story (which, if you've played any of this developer's other games, you should be used to by now), but this one had a great payoff. Did I mention the music is awesome? Anyway, I always look forward to these games, and this has been one of the best in the series. Thanks, and looking forward to the next.