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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

Love the music, love the story. The puzzles are very challenging, and this game is not for the impatient. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out how to progress the story (which, if you've played any of this developer's other games, you should be used to by now), but this one had a great payoff. Did I mention the music is awesome? Anyway, I always look forward to these games, and this has been one of the best in the series. Thanks, and looking forward to the next.

I'm a little curious why in 2020 you elected to use such a tiny game window. On my 4k display, your game is minuscule.

Also why is the dialog button (which you have to spam to beat this game) located off in the upper right?

And why can't we mouse over individual items we've collected to see what they are?

Sometimes in dialog or item acquisition screens, the continue button was too dark or blended in with its background and was hard to see/find.

great game . Would help to have a tutorial

I'm so lost... I have no idea how to use items, no idea why I can't pick up keys or anything else, everybody wants something but I have nothing... A tutorial or simple instructions would be nice.

Edit - I have that rune. I have no idea if clicking on items does anything, I can't drag out to give things to people, how are you supposed to play this game?

RunningZombie responds:

There's a shiny blue rune in Alfheim that might be useful. Don't give up I believe in you!

Hot damn