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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

The first round was seriously frustrating as I did not understand the mechanics. The celtic knot was almost invisible. Clicking on a skull to interact and being unable to review your inventory was weird. In the beginning it did not feel like exploring and puzzle solving but random clicking. Story, graphics and music are fine and once you get the hang of it, it's fun :)

I had to search for the dialog button, then I had to keep clicking things away I don't read, then the game didn't start before I lost interest.

So many games are like this. I'm sure many games have potential, but you lost me before it started. Dialog, written parts of the story, great. Just don't let me read a book before I do anything. I'm not reading a book, but playing a game.

Here are some hated things in games:
-unskippable scenes.
-long scenes
-slow text
-to much story at once instead of exploring the story
-precise needed actions
-linear order of progression
-tutorials instead of expanding the game as it goes
-teaching the player x, then have them do exactly x
-clunky controls. (why does the mouse move so annoying in your game?)
etc. etc.

Would've been nice if the button to initiate dialogue was clearer and more obviously placed. The continue button was better, but had a bad habit of fading into the background. For the most part, I had fun piecing together the interactions that would let me advance. The only exceptions were a couple of times I had to mindlessly click on everyone to discover who had a new interaction.

Here's a walkthrough for anyone that's stuck. Optional achievements are shown in parentheses.
1) Alf - Pick Up Blue Rune
2) Svart - Talk to Olaf
3) Alf - Talk to Edgar
4) Svart - Buy Dwarven Ale
5) Mus - Talk to Dimri
6) Nif - Talk to Fenrir
7) Hel - Place Hand, Get Rune
8) Mid - Talk to Rikvi (Bragi's Poem)
9) Svart - Talk to Olaf
10) Mid - Talk to Rikvi
11) Van - Talk to Erik (Book of Nornir)
12) Svart - Buy Ash Wood
13) Musp - Create Torch
14) Hel - Light Unlit Torch
15) Asg - Talk to Heimdall (Guardian)
16) Jot - Talk to Frost Giant
17) Nif - Pick Up Coin
18) Svart - Talk to Halvor (Dwarven Forge)
19) Van - Trade for Ancient Scroll
20) Hel - Input Code/Red Chest
21) Nif - Norn Puzzle (Urd)
22) Mid - Talk to Seer
23) Asg - Green Chest
24) Hel - Enter Tomb (Thunderous Treasure)
25) Svart - Pay the man
26) Mid - Kill Hunin
27) Van - Trade for Purple Key
28) Musp - Purple Chest
29) Mid - Norn Puzzle (Verdandi)
30) Svart - Talk to Halvor
31) Nif - Blue Chest
32) Jot - Talk to Frost Giant
33) Alf - Set Sail
34) Hel - Yellow Chest
35) Svart - Give Rune
36) Alf - Norn Puzzle (Skuld)
37) Mus - Give Amulet
38) Svart - Kill Munin
39) Hel - Orange Chest
40) Mid - Talk to Seer (Ragnarok)
41) Svart - Talk to Halvor
42) Nif - Talk to Fenrir

Good game but I have zero idea what to do next. I have the red key but there's no red chest? I have the wood but see no use for it? What is going on

I missed new games from you! I was so excited when this came out.

Very well done narrative as usual and an enjoyable experience. Keep it up, Zombie!