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Reviews for "A Viking's Tale"

Great as usuall :D

can tell me why the game cant start in my laptop

Hmm, seems like an interesting game, and I like the story and presentation of it, but I had too many problems with the interface to get a good flow going with it and just ended up stuck before long. Some of the problems with the interface are personal preference: for example, I would much prefer if interactable/pickupable items would highlight when you hover over them so you can see what you can interact with and I don't hurt my wrist clicking everything on the screen to see if it reacts, but I can understand if you want to make it challenging and keep items hidden so you have to search for them. Beyond that, however, I didn't know why the buttons to proceed with text kept flipping around the place: the inconsistency kept making me get stuck and having to search the screen for what to click. More than that, I don't know why the heck the button to talk with people is a skull (why not a speech bubble? why a skull of all things?) in the corner of the screen where you'd usually find the options menu when I'd prefer if you could just see the person on screen and click on them to talk to them like a usual point n click does. I dunno, the weirdness just made me get lost easily, but maybe I'll come back and try challenging this again.

Wow! Amazing job RunningZombie! This is really good. The killing animations are wonderful. I love the soundtrack. The story is great. It's so suspenseful. I would LOVE to see a sequel for this! Keep up the good work.

great game takes a while to finish but its totally worth it also if you miss something you have to redo the entire game to get it.