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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

This game is fun but it calls for improvements. For me, there are some complex words that i would prefer to be much simpler so as to be quick in playing the game and there are also quite a few symbols in one page that got me confused for a minute. This makes the game a tiny bit complicated. This is just how "I" see the game and pleaseeee don't let this affect your opinion. Still check this game out and give your honest reviews!

stay safe

really cool and educated game :D i really enjoy playing it.

This is a really good educational game for showing how the pandemic unfolds, and what strategies government can use.

Quite fun, honestly, and even somewhat informative. Appears to be a more accurate simulation than a lot of what I've seen this year, given the hindsight available in December 2020 and having seen this stuff in action for over a year...it's already been over a year.

It's a fun distraction from the hell that we seem to live in these days despite the content/subject matter being a literal simulation of it. When replaying the main levels it's nice to see it when I manage to keep everyone away from "severe/critical" state - it's nice to not *need* the hospital beds in one playthrough of a level even if I only narrowly manage to do it.

I really enjoy the sandbox mode - It's interesting to mess around with the compliance values based on what I've observed where I live (ie, low mask compliance, low distancing compliance, low quarantine compliance) and how the difficulty spirals out of control, even if it leaves horrifying implications about the potential inevitability of being infected in real life.

Ultimately, this is an amazing game that is very well put together, and I like that there was real research about the source material done to improve its accuracy.