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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

There seems to be a very strange bug in this game where infected people will refuse to isolate, leading to their infecting others.

That's obviously a bug because nobody is that stupid in real life. It's not intentional. It's a bug. Nobody does this. It's a BUG. NOBODY DOES THIS, DAMMIT! IT'S ABSOLUTELY 100% A BUG AND NEVER HAS HAPPENED OR WILL HAPPEN EVER!

This game makes me unreasonably misanthropic.

kikill responds:

Someone too close for comfort actually did that.

Cool game

kikill responds:


Good game, helped reinforce my hate for people that don't want to isolate or take protective measures 5/5 :^)

kikill responds:

It's been hard living in the same community with those. I tried explaining in a gentle and quiet manner the need for masking for example. Some do listen. But others are so convinced that they're right.

those "no!" get me everytime, I just tell to my self "alright then, probably a brazilian", lol.
Good game bro!

kikill responds:

Thanks, bro! Several players have been asking for a police force in there. Will prolly need another game jam for that! :) Cheers and keep safe.

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kikill responds:

Thanks for reporting this, Hacklyn.

I've been looking into it and I can't seem to replicate the issue.

Sending you a PM for details.