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Reviews for "In the Time of Pandemia"

This is a masterpiece man! This game made me feel what it's like to be in the government's position and what it's like to be the one who is forced to make money to provide yourself and your family and thus possibly exposing yourself to the virus. This game teaches us to be responsible, to follow quarantine guidelines and to isolate yourself to others when you have the virus. 5/5 Would play again with friends someday :)

kikill responds:

Thank you, Mc-Wade! It's reviews like yours that keep us going.

The five stages of grief don't exist.
About the game, I didn't find it particularly enjoyable but this was a worthwhile gamification experiment.

kikill responds:

Thank you for your feedback, Unknow0059.

From my current observations; you should ease the pars in some areas, because if it happens that you get just 1 hospitalized patient you already lost because of the costs. I know that you wanted to make the game realistic - in which you succeeded, but as a side effect you succeeded in doing something else that is also realistic: make the player behave like many of our #$&# governments, because if you want to end a level within par it becomes more and more tempting to not to test enough people or not to hospitalize them just to spend less money.

Oh, I would be grateful for an option to arrest people that are refusing to be quarantined.

This is beautiful!

kikill responds:

Thank you. <3

Hotkeys plz?
Smth like:
1 - activate hospitalization mode
2 - activate testing mode
3 - activate quarantine mode
Q - buy tests
W - toggle lockdown
A - speed down
S - speed up
or maybe just numbers to be friendlier to people with AZERTY keyboards.

kikill responds:

Working on it!