Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Rats In A Hole"

A fine episode - I liked the concept of many detectives assembled together and I had fun playing this game. Nice Zombie versions of famous detectives.

A couple of things that could have been better:
1)It would have been funny if other detectives would have more lines to say about clues. I imagine they all have rather big egos and are quite opinionated so there could have been more dialogue to reveal their personalities, and make the game more fun and funny and distracting from the main and correct plot-line, even if their opinions about most clues would be meaningless it would serve as a fine background.
2)It would have been really nice if there were any warning before going in the final room, like that if you go in there you must be ready to solve the case. I had still one clue missing before that and I had some doubts whether to go there or explore past areas once more before that. On one hand I can blame myself for not being logical and not rushing after a guy who just held a gun against us, it would make all the sense to finish searching for clues and then only go there. On other hand this is a game and sadly not all games follow this realistic logic. So a warning in form of assistants question about do I really want to go in there, am I ready to solve the case immediately after that would have been nice.

Anyway it's real nice that ZS episodes seem to be released so soon after each other. It's always a pleasant surprise for me to open NG and see that a new episode has been released, it makes my evening playing always a pleasurable one, thank you Muja for these awesome games.

Muja responds:

Thank you for your support and your detailed review, as always!
And I'm afraid you're very right about both points 1 and 2, I'll remember this suggestions for future episodes...

And there WILL be more free episodes, hope you'll enjoy them too!
Thanks again

as always great game.
only complaint I had was forcing the ending when you enter the last room. I was missing a clue and had found the secret door but didn't enter it and well got stuck with the sub optimal options.
still amazing!

Muja responds:

Thank you for your nice review!
I consider that part the challenge of the game, I wanted to add more replayability this time around :)

its another fun ZS Dead Detective game!

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you had fun!