Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Rats In A Hole"

This is brainin' awesome

Muja responds:

Thank you from the bottom of my brain!

That was fun!

My biggest issue as others have mentioned, is movement. Transitioning from different rooms required two clicks - the first click to click with the pointer for the sprite to move to the door, a second click to actually trigger the transition.

That aside, the story and the plot twist was great! Really looking forward to more!

Muja responds:

Oooh, so that what you guys mean by "sluggish movement". I'll have to look into it.
That aside, thank you for your nice compliments!

Loving the Hercules Poirot jab! Another amazing game in the series as always...

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad you liked the parody!

AHH so much fun. Movement was a little sluggish though, especially between rooms, so, one star off for that, sadly. Loved that Chan, Marple, Poirot and Maigret were in there. Too bad Dalgliesh wasn't- but, knowing Dalgliesh, he wouldn't be caught dead there. ;) loved this man. loved it hard. for a minute I thought that Wooh (LOL) was Nero Wolfe, who I am not fond of.

Muja responds:

Sluggish..? How so..?
Unfortunately I have to point out that Wooh is, actually, based on Nero Wolfe. But really, apart from their names and appearances, each character is his own person - I didn't want to completely "copy" them.

Thank you for your very nice review!

Another great entry. I really liked the way events kept happening (and it wasn't really based on finding evidence). It was fun.

Maybe next time, mark that there's a point of no return though: I went into the final door not knowing that it would force me to pick a conclusion.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your review, I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future games!