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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

Pretty fun tribute but it's held back by some very wonky collision detection, the hitboxes aren't "square" like the image is, being about 2 - 5 pixels less, and it leads to a lot of falling off the edge. If this is an engine problem, I recommend giving a few frames jump forgiveness Donkey Kong style and you got yourself a real winner.

keys are sticky

It is a really cool game.
I finished it and I liked how you implemented the mechanics all along the new levels.
There was some issue however that hampered the gameplay and found it frustrating.
I think you arealdy know it, but it's the grace period at the edge of any platform before jumping.
The hitbox of your character is very small, you don't know if it's on the first leg or second leg where you can jump. But I often had to jump while my whole body was on the platform because if I had 1 or 2 pixel at the edge, my character will fall.
This is very frustrating unfortunately and several times I wanted to stop playing. But the game itself made me go to the end :)
Despite this little issue, I enjoyed the artistic side of it, the gameplay mechanics with balloons (it's pretty fun), and the challenge.
Well done.

platformalist responds:

HI Krappy-Krapo!

Yeah, the character's hit detection can be a little tough to predict. It's based on the character's directional movement - the hit areas being detected are different depending on the direction of your movement - with more tweaking and a lot more computing per frame, I could get a tighter hitbox in the future. Anyway, I'm really glad that you still enjoyed your time with the game, and I appreciate the detailed feedback! :)

Really liking this!
The movement controls are la tiny bit too janky for my liking but, everything else makes up for that. The puzzles were well thought out, and that hook mechanic is probably more fun than any spiderman game I've ever played.
The music was pretty dope, despite being 8bit.
And I'm assuming this was made in a short amount of time considering it was made at the DEMAKEJAM so, hats off to you!
Good job!

platformalist responds:


I'm glad you had a good time with the hook mechanic! It ended up being my favorite part of the game too, along with the balloons - I'll have to hone that in another game down the line! And yeah, it was made for DEMAKEJAM, so it was a 5-day project - I normally like to spend a little more time cleaning up loose ends and putting extra spit 'n polish on things, but such is the gamejam life! Thanks so much for playing, and I'm glad that you had fun with the game! :)

Wow dude, great game!
I loved the music and soundeffects.
Did you make those yourself, or can I get them somewhere for potential future games?

Usually I quit a game after a couple minutes, but completed this one, because of the elegant way in which you scale up the difficulty for each mechanic: jumping, hooks, balloons, ray man.
And also in the timing between introducing new mechanics.
Especially liked the hook mechanic, it's really cool.
In some levels you could take an easier path but not collecting the hourglasses.
I always took the hourglass path. And at some point there wasn't even an hourglass there but I still took the more difficult route, because I got so accustomed to : difficult route = hour glass. Loved that surprise when I realized , wait why am I going here?

Some improvement points: why am I collecting hourglasses? Didn't read all the help messages, but this was something important that I needed to know, would have made the experience feel a lot more meaningful to me. Nonetheless I did collect all of them blindly.

Controls: sometimes I wanted to jump and hold movement key at same time, and it wouldn't jump this is a minor thing but gets really frustrating.
Also add in aswd controls.

Nice game, looking forward to your next
Needs highscores!

platformalist responds:

Hi Sabooo! Thanks for playing, and for the detailed feedback! :)

Yes, I made the music and sound effects myself, though the music is based on the Hat in Time OST - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVPdg2CLduM - if you're looking to make games with similar sound effects, you can make music in PICO-8 (the program I used to make this game), and export the music as WAV files for use in different engines!

Collecting hourglasses isn't really explained - I just assumed that because there's a floating object that adds to a counter, that seasoned platformer players would naturally go and grab 'em all (which it sounds like you did)! I'll remember to explain the reason for collecting a little more clearly in the future. :P

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks again for playing! :)