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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

nice chiptune remix

platformalist responds:

Thanks superhypersonic2006! It was a tricky remix to do, since the folks at Gears for Breakfast used some interesting chord choices!

Honestly, it better off as a standalone short game, but it's still great.

platformalist responds:

Thanks for playing, GayLu1g1! Glad you liked it. :)


Пoдписывайтесь на Английcкий без ГМО

The graphics are okay, and I like the humor, though I've never played the original. The music is quite cool. The controls, however, feel a bit too sensitive and the gameplay is very annoying. The hit detection feels off, and it's unclear what you can and can't touch. Like, I think you can touch the ash from one side, but only to a certain point. Basically, it's very confusing. You've got decent mechanics though. Just work on making sure it's clear what can be touched and try to make the controls better in your future games.

platformalist responds:

Hi Thegamingtrickster! Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the hit detection could have been tighter on the ash clouds in particular, as you mentioned. I’ll be sure to tighten my hit detection in future games, even if it’s a lot more calculations per frame!

Thanks for playing! :)

Same as what everyone else said. A neat tribute, but held back by rigid controls and poor platform detection.