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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

Controls are too slippery, like me cock after fappin

Not sure why you called it a hat on time? the only thing this has in common are hourglasses. It wasn't too bad of a game. Not sure why arrow keys are to move. wasd is the convention.

platformalist responds:

Hi nightscloud2! :)

It's called 'A Hat on Time' because it's a fangame of 'A Hat in Time'. I also considered calling it 'A Shat in Time' but I don't think that many people would have appreciated the potty joke (rightfully so). :P

I'm looking into how to work WASD into my future PICO-8 games - I believe that PICO-8 has P1 and P2 keyboard setups, with the P2 controls running on ESDF, though a lot of folks will only settle for WASD, it seems. I'll look into it for future games!

Thanks for the feedback!

I wish I could have enjoyed this. Unfortunately, hitting the Z key while moving only registers about 40% of the time, which is problematic when it's one of two controls in a game almost entirely dedicated to moving and jumping on small platforms or through dangerous paths. I tried this on two different devices in case it was an error on my end, but that does not appear to be the case.

platformalist responds:

Hi KupaMan!

Sorry that you had a rough time with the game! I'm beginning to think that people's main issue with the Z button is because I don't have a grace period on the edge of blocks - if I had a 1-2 frame grace period to allow easier jumping, more of the Z presses would register. Sorry that it was a game-breaker for you, and I really appreciate the feedback!

p good game, but shit music. Just kidding, it wasn't that bad but i think it could improve!

my z key doesn't work 30% of the time