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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

controls suck

Pretty neat.

It was a bit too easy in my opinion.

The level design and the object placement felt overly streamlined. The balloons and slingshot panels are placed in such a way as to guide me directly on a path that is optimal instead of allowing me to make mistakes. They are place in such a way that you are not even required to utilize the game's "physics" you just need to hit them and they propel you towards your goal.

It is a shame because the hookshot mechanic feels so nice...there is so much potential here to make the player pull off some neat tricks. It reminded me of Handulum (here on NG). You should make more levels that utilize the hookshot panel.

You could add a "hard mode":

- Hourglasses respawn if you die so you need to complete the level without dying (it would break lvl6)

- Hitboxes: there are some levels where the deadly vapor does not even kill you because it is placed in such a way that if the hitboxes were correct one would have a harder time completing the level.

Whatever, I really liked it :)

platformalist responds:

Hi Dhall! Thanks for playing, and for the detailed feedback! :)

You're right about the streamlining. Hitting a balance between streamlined and challenging is tricky, especially since a 32-screen game barely has enough room to teach the mechanics and really push the limits of what players can do with it. Down the line I'd like to make a game using these mechanics, but also introducing other types of panels. Context-sensitive panels like this leave a lot of room for creativity, especially in a two-button game that makes multiple movesets tricky to implement.

I had considered doing the hourglass-respawn, similar to how it's done in The End is Nigh, but with how small the game is, it seemed unlikely that people would find a need to leave hourglasses behind and backtrack. But yeah, you're probably right about this, honestly.

Thanks again for the feedback, this stuff is always really helpful! Glad you had a good time with it! :)

am i the only one who read the dialog with their voices :D

platformalist responds:

Hi Sp4c3xCo0Ki3! Thanks for playing! :)

I definitely muttered a lot of lines in their voices while writing the dialogue, to get the voices right. :)

I love the 8-bit soundtrack (it's awesome) and the gameplay itself was really good and the characters were cute. Good job!

platformalist responds:

Thanks for playing, aron0527br! I appreciate the feedback. :)

This was so cute hehe. I'm glad to see more appreciation for A Hat In Time because it's really an amazing game through and through. This felt like a legitimate GameBoy port and don't have many complaints about the game. Other than it should be made into a full game!

platformalist responds:

Hi Gameplay34! Thanks for playing! :)

Yeah, I really love A Hat in Time - beaten it 3 times, and love checking out the PC mods for it! I guess this was my way of showing how much I love the game without digging into 3D mods. Maybe down the line I'll mess with that stuff too!