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Reviews for "A Hat on Time"

this is a great game hard but I complied. it is worth anybody's time. the graphics remind me of old video games which is just great. I would buy a way longer version of this game.

platformalist responds:

Hi lazygamer2018!

Well, this review warms my heart. :) Thanks for playing, and down the road when I'm making larger games, I hope you'll give those a shot as well!

Pretty fun! Could work even without the hat in time aspect tbh. But sometimes jumps don't register and that's a big flaw.

platformalist responds:

Hi TreehouseINC! Thanks for playing. :)

I've considered reworking the code here for another platformer with my own characters, but that would be waaaaaay down the road. So I guess at that time we'll see if it could work without the hat in time aspect!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Are the controls supposed to be so bad? Sometimes I won't be able to jump and walk at the same time.

platformalist responds:

Hi xAyjAy! Thanks for playing!

No, the controls aren't supposed to be bad. :P The jump / walk issue that you mentioned only occurs when there's a lot of jumps in a row, and it may have something to do with my using btn() instead of btnp() in my code. I'll do my best to avoid that issue in future games. Thanks for the feedback!

Oh boy, this is a nice little fangame for a great, great game. It was fun and brought a smile to my face, with the characters and funny writing of A Hat in Time being brought into a small 8-bit-esque Flash platformer.

I really like the 8-bit rendition of the Dead Bird Studios theme that plays throughout the game, and I also love the strangely hellish visual style. It is sometimes a bit hard to make out which character is which, but when you approach a character, they'll say something funny in the characteristic A Hat in Time style, letting you know who they are and adding a bit of charm to the overall experience.

The gameplay consists of thirty single-screen platforming challenges where the goal is to keep moving to the next room, with the optional goal of gathering a time piece. The platforming is fun and straight-forward, making me think of something like a mix between A Hat in Time and Celeste. The way the balloons were translated into this 2D style reminds me a bit of the crystals in Celeste. I also like how the "stealth" mechanics from A Hat in Time were brought over. I expected there to be 40 time pieces to match the count in the original A Hat in Time instead of 30, but that's a minor nitpick.

There are two complaints I have which made the game a bit more frustrating than it had to be: first of all, the jumping delay. There is a big delay between pressing the jump button and 8-bit Hat Kid actually jumping, and that was responsible for many unfair deaths. Also, there seems to be something off about the hit detection in the single-block platforms, as they seem to drop me down unless I'm in their dead center. Other than that, the game works okay.

So, in general, this is a nice little love letter to a great indie darling, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. It is by no means long or polished, but it's nice :D

If any of you still haven't bought A Hat in Time, I highly recommend you do. In the words of Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, it's fresh, it's surprising, it's charming. Also, some awesome DLC is coming out in the 13th, and a Switch version is in the making.

platformalist responds:

Hi Gretgor! Thanks for the detailed feedback! :)

I'm glad that you noticed the Dead Bird Studios theme! There are a lot of tracks in A Hat in Time that I considered using, but the DBS theme always gets me so pumped up when I'm playing that I couldn't help but use it!

As for character resolutions, I did my darndest to make the characters decipherable in 8x8 sprites, but hoo boy it was difficult to make DJ Grooves more than a mishmash of pixels. Glad you appreciated the writing though! :)

Good catch on the Celeste influence - I've played through Celeste a couple times this year, and I'm sure the influence showed through here and there. I logged the hourglasses in memory using an array based on which screen they're grabbed on, and by the time that I wanted to add more hourglasses and a more complicated memory system (probably with binary strings, or something like that), the gamejam was almost over and I resigned myself to 30 timepieces.

The jump delay and collision hiccups have been a consistent complaint, so I'm definitely going to need to work on that for my next game. I'm glad that it didn't ruin the game for you!

And yeah, I'm super excited for the Seal the Deal DLC for A Hat in Time too! More content for that game is pretty much a dream come true!

Thanks again for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed my lil fangame! :)

I like the "Meat Boy/End is Nigh" flash death gameplay, but the controls are some bad, but the game is playable and funny, a time killer.

platformalist responds:

Thanks for playing, TheAdminJJ! I'm a big fan of Meat Boy and End is Nigh so it's not a big surprise that the influences show through. Thanks for the feedback!