Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"

Pointless and short

As it says in the Authors Comments. Enjoy the game? This is a 3 second, one click, boring shit... If it was longer and actually had a point it might have been good. You cannot use the "oh this thing is old give it some chances" because the game STREET LIFE made in 2000 is awsome... this made on the same year is terrible...
Shape up Micheal


AWFUL! The assassination isn't even good. The repeating of hello gives this the feeling of something you did in 10 seconds and took no time on.

It is actually funny

This game/video is actually funny. I am a fan of seinfeld, however, the last episode did suck. Funny, but it sucked. Whoever made this game, in my book, is a genious.

Not good

Make more things to kill him not fun at all