Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"

His end sucked more than the show's end!

Hello, hello, hello, hello....uh, no. that sucked more than my dead pet rock. (That's a lot!)

Wheres the killing?

That was way to damn short i mean honestly??? HE dies so fast that really sucked ass. By far that was the worst i have ever seen. That was so bad i want to kill the creator of it so we wont have to suffer any longer. And that echoing hello what was that? that was EVIL. THat was stupid and gay and the three i gave it well it doesnt even deserve that.

That was shit.

The only remotely funny thing about that was the sound bite that was being played repedidly

I've seen better

When I saw Kill Jerry Seinfeld, I thought "Great" But what I saw was absolute bollocks. I was disappointed to see no Thought put into how he dies. The old Falling set trick has been done on countless other cartoons. Total Rubbish

That was just plain old stupid

This fuckin' sucked. it's 2 repeteive, and it doesn't have a real pleasure on killing him. that magical bloody spice that makes everyone love assassin