Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"


Love the show! Not a great flash but I thought it was funny!

did you ever watch him on his show?

that guy's show is mad funny but what do you know?
hallo la la la !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea this... sucks

at least yuo should get to kill him in another way

Sorry but it sucked.

It was really really bad but maybe if you make it longer and more interactive it could get a better score.


You people shouldn't review unless you've seen the last episode, the reason he says hello is because on the last episode his girlfriend's stomach made a grouling sound that sounded like hello and afterwards Seinfeld told her about it and she got upset, so she gave him the choice between him stop saying hello or her and he chose hello and his friends got tired of it afterwards and then he regreted it.
I gave it a crappy score because I didn't like it anyways. XP