Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"


It was kinda Shitty. All Seinfeld would say over and over was "HELLLLOOO!!" which was pretty god-damn annoying. The only sorta good part was when you got to kill him


it was kinda hard to give a one, once this was accidentley added to
my favorites instead of clarigochi.

could be better

there should have been more ways to kill him. but it was ok.


thank GOD someone madea game where everyone an do what they have always wanted to do --- KILL jerry seinfeld

Why, oh why?

This game is utterly pathetic, one thing, Seinfeld is ace! Get a sense of humor. Secondly, if you want to make a game, try adding more ways to kill him, not one dropping of the lights. Don't even bother putting an AGAIN! button because you know NO-ONE will push it!