Reviews for "Seinfeld Assassination"

i think its fuckin hilarious props bro

too short

needs shooting

Meh, could use some more work

Okay, I know this was your first flash and this was made eight years ago, but by today's standards, this should improve.
The gameplay is incredibly short: clicking only one button (the lights) and there should be extended. Some different methods of killing Seinfeld could work such as a sniper, hammer, burning him, the works.
The graphics could also change. I disliked the bright blue colors, and the opening scene.
There also should be some more animation, instead of constantly using a tween. Like making him move, and having the right timing to drop the lights on him. The sound clip was incredibly annoying.

Actually enjoyed this.

Alot of 0's below me. But this was a good flash. It was your FIRST so no reason for hateing people.. Also I bet most of these people arent fans of seinfeld.. Good way to finish this bitch.

wow this sux

dude next time make a real game not a movie that says ''hello'' over and over then when u click the stage lights he says ''thats not ganna be good 4 any body'' then dies