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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

I love the concept. Can you make a screen least larger

Well. This game was a GREAT way to kill an afternoon. There was a lot of good and bad in this one.

Let's start with the positives:
1. Checkpoint at the boss and redoing bosses: This becomes a GREAT way to rack up money in the early stages. Being able to fight a boss over and over is far easier than going through the whole chaos filled levels.
2. The gameplay is addictive: This was a really fun game overall. Sure there's not much story other than what's on the level descriptions, but it still does a great job of giving the story life. Almost reminds me of that old GBA Robotech game.
3. The music: Oh god the music is awesome. It's been a while since I've seen such a great soundtrack for a game. Very Castlevania meets (some arcade shootup... I'm not familiar with the genre's best entries besides Galaga). The music is great on it's own.
4. The game lasts a while: Most games like this would get old VERY quickly. But you did a great job keeping the gameplay interesting. I could redo a level 10 times over and not be bored. There are moments where the game gives you a grinding headache though.

Now the bad:
1. The game can't handle itself: This is the BIGGEST problem I have. And that's when there's too much shit on screen, the game can't handle itself. The biggest example of this is phase 2 of the stage four boss. He puts SO much shit on screen that the game just completely crashes. I get to the point where even if I COULD see and the game worked normally, I'd lose myself in the midst of the chaos. I can't pass the boss because he keeps crashing my browser. And I can only play this in one browser as no other ones work with flash on my computer.
2. No way to heal yourself: Now I know the author's notes say you're supposed to heal as much as you can. But there is no way to heal. Anyway, the lack of health powerups on screen SEVERELY hurts the game in later levels. Especially when you get to the bosses that throw so much on screen it's impossible to avoid.
3. Too much chaos: This was a problem in random portions in the game. I don't like arcade shooters because this tends to be a problem after you get into the late game. Throwing more things on the screen than is possible to dodge is NOT hard. It's a cheap way to add difficulty. Though this isn't TOO bad with the sword as the sword can destroy powerups.
4. No way to get gems without taking damage: This is a HUGE problem and the second biggest problem I have with the game. You either need to have the gems come DIRECTLY to the player character from anywhere on screen, or add a powerup to increase the power of the gem magnet. I ended up having to sacrifice a LOT of gems because they were in too dangerous of spots, or I'd take damage too often when trying to get gems I can't afford to miss. This is especially true in later levels. There needs to be a better way. Or the gems need to be removed and just have it all be a reward at the end. Getting the gems is the biggest killer in this game. It's killed me more than my stupidity and that says something. I don't make mistakes too often, but when I do it's ALWAYS because I am going for the gems.

The game is a bit shorter than it should be, but it's understandable. And the game more than makes up for it with it's awesome gameplay. And if I could figure out how to fix the problem of the game lagging, it would be perfect for me (at least for killing the afternoon)

Very nice.
This game really has that 'arcady' feel to it. Nice graphics, nice music, great gameplay. At first I thought this would become an impossible bullethell since the character moves so fast, but the enemy attacks and the player attacks make it well balanced.
I absolutely loved how the attacks could be used for defense, this makes it unique.
I did notice lag spikes when there are a lot of gems on the screen, it's a bit annoying to get hit because of the lag right after using the special attack. I also wish the game was a bit longer.
Overall great game, I hope to see more games like this.

Where can I buy this soundtrack? I absolutely LOVE this music.

Overall, really fun, art was excellent, and enjoyed the game play.

But seriously, that soundtrack. Awesome.

Nice game!
The bullet hell was good. but one thing annoyed me was that the hit box on the player is not clear: could there be a dot or some thing similar so I know where it is? Also sometimes the bullets color blended in with the background's so it was hard to tell where they were (some redesign will help)
Otherwise: a good game to spend some time on.