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Reviews for "Save To Kill"

This game is sick! The different special attacks are realyl awesome, the design looks very nice as well and I also like the medals and the gameplay. Really great game you got here :)

Awesome old style shoot'em up!
Addictive! i will back again to this someday!

this is a pretty awesome game
cool stuff:
everything looks nice
music is cool
abilities are cool (but i didn't use the roll dodge thing much)
it seems some people were complaining about grinding, but i never had to. this might be because i put all my stuff into offensive abilities
story is cool

not as cool stuff:
lag, though it's my fault for playing on chrome instead of firefox

cool bullet hell, not that tough compared to other stuff but very fun and the last 2 bosses can give a challenge

This game was amazing. Glad I came across it. It was worth every moment spent.

Nice but hardcore mode should be more rewarding.I don't even notice a better gems reward or something.