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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

A great game with lovely animation!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Matt!, great you could play it! :D

Amazing game!
Finally finished the game in 5:21 ( I took my time to backtrack and clear respawned enemies just for fun) with 92 % of discovery. I think I got all items except two clay orbs that have something to do with freed owls to get them. Do I have to ride the owls or what? I was not able to catch them and there seems to be only one chance at doing that so I missed that. If someone can give tips as to what you are supposed to do with the owls in top of PLEPUR and HWORB levels to get these orbs I would appreciate that.

About game - this game is unbelievably good for a free game i would be willing to pay for such a beauty about 1 euro per level, you can safely expand it or make a sequel and sell it.

I haven't played either Metroid or Castelvania (putting them on my list now) but this game reminded me of another great old game that has similar mechanics - Soul Reaver ( it's 3d trough). I like similar games with open world where you can go everywhere if your abilities allow it and you unlock new abilities by defeating bosses and return to previous places to search for power-ups. Great concept!

What I liked about this game:
- Bosses! They were both cool and hard like bosses should be. Introduction screen stating name and species was nice. I liked how these bosses had many different attacks at random order so that you could never learn pattern. I hate bosses with patterns, makes it too easy. I also liked how they had multiple stages of anger and attack ferocity that indicated roughly how close you are to defeating them. I appreciate that all bosses had two anger stages and the final boss had three stages to be harder very good.
- Enemies. A large variety of different enemies. Cool!
- Graphics. Absolutely beautiful!
- Fullscreen. All games should have it. I see games made by construct 2&3 predominantly have.
- Shopping. Giving player the choice in which order to acquire the non-essential power-ups is very nice.
- Runs. Running from the huge boulder at stage two and from lava at last stage was fun.
- NPC. NPC's in platformers are optional and a rarity therefore I appreciate that you added them, I was happy when the frog managed to merge with clay.
- Story - minimalistic but flavorful and nice.
- Ending. Some games slack and don't give good ending animations and story conclusions. Not this one. Good job!

Neutral things:
- Music. Not bad but not as great as graphics.

I also have read reviews on this site and I must tell you one IMPOTANT thing. DO NOT LISTEN TO MOST OF THE REWIEWS! You are a very talented game designer and you should'nt listen to some whiny reviews that suggest that you alter game in a major way, because the same thin that some reviewer disliked can be a thing that other players liked very much.

Here is my opinion about some suggestions I saw in reviews that you should (mostly) ignore:
- Making bosses easier. Do not do this! Bosses are there to provide challenge. A game with easy bosses is easy to complete and easy to forget. But a game with hard bosses is a game you maybe get stuck on for a while but then you want to return to it to raise your mastery and to replay that game. Especially the last boss must be hard. I was able to defeat the last boss with some twentieth attempt or so and I love it. Also a strange thin when I defeated it, some extra health started dropping during fight that didn't drop before. Does game starts dropping extra healt when you cannot defeat the boss for too long to make it easier. If so then you should remove this feature. I want to master defeating the boss. I don't want a pity pass.
- Giving a HP bar to bosses. Most games would benefit from this, but not this one. Because you have a much cooler system of bosses showing that they have lost about half their life by getting angrier and throwing attacks more fiercely. HP bar would be redundant and the minimalist HUD is much better for a game with such beautiful graphics.
- Making finding of power ups easier. A definite no no. A game with easy to find powerups would be a game that can be completed fast and forgotten fast. You want hook players up to return ad find treasures they missed the first time. Also since this open world game features backtracking it is much better to leave some upgrades to find to give more what to do during backtracking.
- Increasing the power of charged attack. On this one I agree. As it is now it seems to do double damage. I think it would be better if it did triple damage, but definitely not more. However if you feel that it would make game too easy then leave it be.

Finally some things I believe could be improved. However I trust you know better, don't listen to too much reviews and apply your own judgement, you know better then most noob gamers who post here.
- Third boss not giving a new power was disappointing.
- You should make more save slots available. For instance I would very much like to load games saved directly before boss fights and replay these boss fights just for fun without running trough the whole game once more. But with one save slot I can't. If you make this game downloadable/commercial you should defiantly add multiple save slots IMHO.
- Switching between the near attack and distant attack gained from witches soup should not be done trough pause. There should better be a separate button to do it. Perhaps if you ever expand/sequel this game you could make more attacks to be obtained and make them switchable trough number keys or some other way. Perhaps the spider boss could give some webbing attack?
-Finally medals seem to be working inconsistently. For completing the game with 92% completionI got only one medal - the medal for defeating Plowrp, the first boss. Without consistently working medals I will defiantly not underage the challenge of completing the game in under 50 minutes, because if that doesn't not register then it is an effort in vain. This however is not an issue with the game as much as with the site.

Anyway the game is great as it is, probably he best free platformer game I have played.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks a lot for sharing your impressions in an in-depth review!!

I really appreciate the feedback in many aspects, I was able to beta-test the game enough before its submission, which was great to get a more solid vision of the difficulty and not having to worry much about that kind of feedback after the release. (unless REALLY unfair scenarios appeared, which were mostly fixed on earlier updates).
An interesting thing is that on the beta-testing phase, Bosses 1 and 3 were brutally hard for most players, I kept 'nerfing' them for a while to get to their current states: 'hard' enough by having no 'obvious' pattern, but still programmed in a way that the player could react and learn from its mistakes, I'm pretty glad which how they got to a generally though and also engaging enough difficulty. As you mention, it was a conscious decision to avoid life-bars once I found out that the creature's "enraged" mode was enough to show a sign of progression (I also find it a lot more 'immersive').

I won't 'spoil' it, but regarding the Dweegs (the 'owls'), they are part of maybe the most cryptic 'sidequest' of the game, you can find them in their 'nest' after you rescue all of them, but as you save them there's no other interaction like riding them (I guess they do give that impression since they just fly to unreachable areas) which means that the remaining orbs are just on other hidden areas you should be able to find normally.

There are a few things I hope to improve on in a bigger build of the game, and the reviews have been helpful on that sense; like the consistency of the Spider giving you an additional ability -since it's what you've come to expect from bosses- save slots, custom controls, a slight improvement on the charged ball, etc.

(Just checked and it seems like most medals caught on for you, phew)

Thanks for playing!

Lost my savestate after I got to the boss zone. :(

Butzbo responds:

Oh peanuts!, that's a rare case, but it should be related to browser configuration, perhaps it's set to automatically delete cookies and other stored files.

I can't believe you made me redo the final boss fight after failing to escape


where is the CLAY LOG? I'm searching everywhere for it, but I can't find it... If anything, can someone at least tell me in which zone is it?

Butzbo responds:

Check the map for open/unexplored places, somewhere around the depths of Plepur...