Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Am very impressed with this game. I cannot get the last orb in the third area.

Bravo! This is a fantastic game and you did an amazing job! When playing through this game, I enjoyed the story, enemies, music, stages, bosses, NPCs, dialogue, upgrades, and secrets very well. My only complaint, however, is that the medals aren't working. Asides from that, I'd have to say that this is brilliant in its make and kudos to you for making it!

Butzbo responds:

Thanks a lot for playing! This game grew a lot through development, so it's great to know all of the different additions added on the process were good complements after all (especially the most "side-quest" details like Npcs and secrets).
Medals are something we haven't been able to address completely, but we'll be checking the options.

Where to begin, this game is well made in every aspect of the word. I want to have an in depth review, talking about game-play, controls, music, and art.

At first, when I began to play the game, I thought it would be simplistic platformer. I was not expecting however to have a game that was well thought out in level, boss, and enemy design. I feel that with each world (a total of four, although the last one doesn't count, get into that later) they were well thought out. Having multiple shortcuts after completing some major objective. Whether that be a boss or finding a collectible. These shortcuts are pipes that often bring you back to the center of the map and are useful for not having to backtrack as much in the game. However, my only issue with these pipes is that when having to use them multiple times, it can get annoying to have to wait. Especially when some of these pipes can take anywhere from 5 - 8 seconds to reach the end of. Although a nitpick, it is still somewhat necessary to mention, when there were a few ways that it could have been fixed. Moving on to bosses, I personally enjoy that each boss can be beaten WITHOUT TAKING ANY DAMAGE. This even includes the final boss, however this is not something that is easily accomplished. As I felt that each boss takes some learning and strategizing before beating. In fact, I found that for each boss it took me anywhere from 3-5 attempts before beating. The no damage thing also applies to the enemies, who have well designed placement, making them difficult to defeat but fair. I also found that some enemy combinations gave me some difficulty as well. Overall, gameplay is well done, with each world feeling interesting and unique in its own way.

The controls for this game are well done, having a smooth feel to them, not to mention they get better as you obtain more upgrades throughout the game. With each new upgrade it allows for easy exploration and movement. Another thing to mention is that there are only two main upgrades, one giving you the ability to duck and move in a clay form. The other gives you the standard double jump and although the rest of the upgrades are optional and require clay orbs. They are all useful and help to defeat bosses and enemies easier. I think the upgrade I enjoyed the most was the roll, that allows you to dodge incoming attacks and nullify small projectiles. The latter of the two being given after upgrading the roll. The only 'issue' that I found with the controls, is that in my opinion the sprint would have been preferable to have in the beginning of the game. Although I'm going to assume this was not the case because it would allow for access of somethings earlier.

I think this was my least part of the game for me, don't get me wrong I liked the music and in some cases loved it. But the issue I have with the music, is that I could only count 5 tracks in the entire game. With four of those tracks playing for each world you're in and the other track that is played when you fight bosses. I felt that the music was severely lacking and eventually began to get a bit annoying hearing it loop for long periods of time. Again, the music itself was not bad, just would have preferred if there were more tracks.

This was the part of the game that drew me into it. Otherwise I would have just simply passed by it and never given it a second thought. The artstyle is unique, having something that I've never seen before. It reminds me alot of how Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero was done, having been both hand drawn. It adds to the variety and charm of the game and is much appreciated. I really enjoyed whenever Dino was met with one of the bosses his eyes would widen. Leaving him with some subtle yet appreciated emotion.

Overall, a great game that I recommend to anyone who wants a fun platformer and Metroidvania all for the price of $0.00. Seriously that is just insane for how great this game is, on my first playthough I had 72% completion and it took me 2 hours and 42 minutes. Anyone who plays the game for the first time can expect to take anywhere from 2-3 hours, and completionist can expect anywhere for 3-5 hours. I think for what the game is I wouldn't mind the current version being $5 or so on Steam. However from what I could gather there is already an extension of the game being made for Steam. Which is great, as having more content on to the game is amaing. I know that this is something that won't be taken too seriously, but I would love to see the Upgraded game with more content on consoles (possibly the Nintendo Switch and PS4?). Anyways that's it, great game and I can't wait to see more from you Butzbo.

Butzbo responds:

Woah, first of all, thanks for the in-depth comments on it!

This game took a bunch of testing to figure out many things, turns out the bosses are what gets the most mixed responses, they were intended to be mostly learnable/avoidable, but not all players
have gotten well into that kind of challenge, it's still great to know you got to the point of being able to analize each one of them.

It's interesting for us that you mention the music variety, since they were made as longer "exploration-themed" tracks, the largest volume of music was geared towards the final portion of the game (5 complete themes once you get to the final area), but considering the possibilities of getting too repetitive while exploring each area, that's one thing to keep in mind.

Also, you made a good guess about the sprint; As an ability it was only implemented later in development, which means that most of the game world was already built at the time and it made for some cheap skips.

It's pretty good to hear player's thoughts on how would they 'value' the game on a store platform, this is an important aspect to consider for the potential expansion, so it's pretty useful.

Thanks again!, it's great when someone goes through the whole game AND takes the time to leave an in-depth review, especially for a browser-game!

Pretty good

I think it would have been better if you could aim your shots with the mouse and move at the same time, "twin-sticks" controls for controllers (perhaps make the enemies faster and tougher to balance it out)

With aiming, I don't think an alternate fire mode for a slower projectile would be necessary anymore, however, an alternate fire mode for automatic and charge-up shot would have been nice.

Controls customization would have been important to add

Very nice to have a fullscreen option

I'm still not sure what was the point of the blue marking torches and would have appreciated if there were markers for clay orbs, fruit pieces, stuck animals.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Coal! I appreciate the comments, as some aspects on the game could keep evolving.

I went through a few attempts for more variable aiming (at least the possibility of shooting up or on 45-degree intervals) but at the end I preferred to narrow it down to one basic shooting option and focus more on the player movement to land a hit. I can tell it could be a bit more inctuitive, so the shooting attributes are one aspect I'd like to keep exploring on for potential future versions.

A fun fact about the torches; While testing, those began as a way to check if the game could work well enough without a map, it wasn't doing enough for that purpose so I added a map after all, but the torches were still a quick indicator of "you've been here before" so I kept them at the end.

It feels like Metroid meets Lost Vikings and Toejam and Earl. I kinda like it lol.

Butzbo responds:

Well, what a mix! The only one I never played was Toejam and Earl, but I definitely see the connection, that sort of distorted 90s cartoon vibe, hahah!