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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

After weeks, I've finally been able to beat it! I have all the medals except 3, I did notice the weird flying things in a hidden area in the wall, and I have no idea what to do with them, but I thoroughly enjoyed it until the last text box scrolled. (No, I don't mean I hated the ending.)

So a lot of these medals don't work. I got all the birds free, found and helped all the survivors, finish the game 100%, but I got none of the medals. I also didn't get a medal for defeating Nerk-Nerk or the Orb.

good game. but put auto saves into the game. nothing more annoying then having to back track.

Just an awesome game! I didn't play anything like this for a long time! The concept is amaizing, the art style chosen is really sweet and the mechanics are pretty interesting in my opinion! Hard at some points but I don't care. I love this game! The moment I could use the second jump ability I fell in love with this little buddy using its wings.

An additional point is I liked the game is able to be played both English and Spanish. Although I can understand Spanish, I prefered to complete it in English. But I played a bit also in Spanish and I can see the translation has no problems.

All I just can say is excelent work to you guys and I'm going to share this to others right now!

Very pleased with this metroidvania project. The music is really interesting and overall the design is clever stunning to look at.

I'm very happy to have played this. Keep it up!