Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Terrific on so many levels, really well done. Took a couple of days to explore as many areas as possible before the final boss, which is harder than expected. Planned to try again today. No issues with continuing on previous plays, but now it's NLA. Bummed.

Cool game. Average Metroidvania-like gameplay, but I love the art, animation and music. Very stylized presentation overall. Kinda reminds me of 90s cartoons in a way, like Rocko's Modern Life.

Butzbo responds:

Thank you Sir!
And also, good call! I take a lot of inspiration from that great (and strange) era of cartoons (Rocko being among my favourites!).

its actually a very well-made game, but, sorry, for me it's boring.
btw, could you add low detail mode or something like this, please? ;)

This is awesome! The quality reminds me of the old Flash games I used to love, like Armadillo Quest.
This undoubtedly deserves a 5/5.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!!, I haven't played that one, but I definitely get what you mean, there's some pretty inspiring stuff to be found in the Flash age of browser games which I've played here on NG (and after all, this game's graphics were made with Flash).

Having played the "Ducks" game found out about "Dino melt" and have been playing it for past 3 days. A truly beautiful and well polished game. The art style is amazing and feels very good playing in full screen. Colors are pleasing for the eyes. The enemies and boss character design is very well done. I have not seen such a long and detailed idle animation for the player character, very well done. Each boss characters initial sound effect animation added with the player pushed back by the force of the sound is executed with perfection.

The levels are filled with lot of details and the various animating plants make the levels look very lively. The boss battles are designed with great care. Took me some time to figure out the different attack patterns and weapons to beat each of them.

Had a lot of frustration after the last boss battle as I was not expecting all the enemies waiting to ambush adding to the urgency of the other background event that is unfolding. During the end game the audio was getting corrupted for me.

Had to complete the game from the last checkpoint till the end 3 times to get the "The End of an Era" medal as the first 2 times I completed I didn't get the medal.

Overall a great game with a huge potential to be made into a successful commercial game.

Butzbo responds:

It's pretty helpful to know players' impressions, especially on the boss' design aspect; This was one of the game elements that took the longest to get right (...or at least closer to right, as they have gotten mixed responses) after so much play-testing.

It seems like the medals have a 'success ratio' issue we haven't been able to optimize. But it's good to know you managed to get that one at the end...

Thanks for the review!