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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

This is the dark souls of clay dinosaurs.

Pretty good and creative game, very nice art work. You guys spend quite some efforts in details. Sometimes puzzling in terms of finding the way to target points. Liked a lot that the player is forced to find a good strategy for beating any of the bosses. Particular the last one was at the beginning a challenge but now its even boring as there is no save point afterwards and this fight takes quite long. For the boss fights it seems that one need just to survive the 'show' of the boss to the very end even without making any shot. The maps are quite large and the idea with the pipe transport is brilliant. Overall a five+ game.
Just would like to address that the physic engine behaves a bit strange when jumping from the swinging platforms (dino just jump vertically without any contribution from the swing making it maybe by intention more difficult to get the next platform). Maybe consider making a save point after the final boss. Thanks for great entertainment.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks for your comments! The bosses went through many phases of testing, and it's great to know that they were on a generally good level of challenge.

Also you make a good point regarding the lack of a checkpoint in the last segment; It was a conscious decision to leave it as a longer "endurance round" (with the last escape working a pseudo 'final-phase') but as you mentioned, if the boss can actually get boring before realizing the escape, then there is a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks for playing!

I heard in one of the reviews that the birds were something that if freed would help out. They just flew off. After the last one I think I figured it out, but i'm not sure...Are you supposed to go flat and get in their mouths? Cause you could have been a tad more obvious about that point. I'll have to see if they migrate back to their start points, and try again...

Butzbo responds:

Melting into their mouths would've been a fun interaction, but don't bother with that ;)
You should be able to find their gathering point...

Nice game, but I'm going to need a fully discovered map of all the areas because I can't find the hidden path to a fruit piece in the lava area. Also, how about making a sequel?

Butzbo responds:

Thanks!! It'd be cool to begin considering a sequel to the story taking place in another area; In the meantime we do have an 'expanded-edition' of this version in mind.

its a pretty good game but the controls are confusing