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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

i lov

Good game.

I remember seeing a trailer for this game about a year ago and being very hyped for this game, and I wasn't hyped for just no reason.
For starters, the art style, absolutely phenomenal and unique. It's pure eye candy for me.
The music fits the atmosphere of the game so well and its amazing.
Gameplay - your average platformer, very casual, and very fun to play. Controls feel right and nothing too clunky. I really like how everything in this game is meant to be there like for instance certain rocks are advantage points to snipe enemies so they cant hit you, its brilliant.
Story and Overall World - makes sense and keeps the player playing. I really enjoy the atmosphere and its entirety.
I would genuinely buy a full fledged version of this game. Or even like watch the entire show of this (idk i just love this)
Albeit this may just be a little too much overpraise by me, I truthfully think this is an outstanding game. Keep up the fantastic work Butzbo.
This is a glorious welcome back present after being on a 9 month hiatus from NG.

I NEED HELP WITH THE FINAL BOSS. Awesome game, ny the way. I love it. But I have died over 12 times. Do you have any tips for me?

Butzbo responds:

Hmmm, I won't get overly specific, but here's a general tip: Once it creates the clay arm, it's a lot more relevant to learn how to dodge each of its main 3 attacks: there's one you can dodge by melting, and the other ones are more about well timed jump/s and getting out of the way, it does take a while to find the best moments to shoot at it, but once you figure out how to react to each one, it should be enough to get into it.

If you're still in a "exploring mood" there's a helpful 'sidequest' related to releasing 3 trapped-clay-creatures hidden through the world, it can take a while, but the reward can be pretty helpful on the last battle!

Good luck and let me know if you have more comments on the game! :)

I finally made it. I found all clay orbs. The last one in the volcanic clay-cave was a bit tricky but not impossible. This game is really good for casual playing.

Butzbo responds:

Great to hear you got 100%! On a side note I was expecting the ones from the third area to be the most cryptic, but based on what you mention, and other comments, I guess the 2nd one comes with a couple of orbs that don't follow the most expected conventions, hahah.
Thanks for playing!