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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Very, very good!

heh, only 68 % (items?) for me on first attempt, but in exactly 2:22:22, lol (yes, I went to toilet and watch TV in between a bit)

I loved this game the boss fight were challenging and I always wanted to finish the game instead of just leaving it to rot like other games and it's my favorite genre an action platformer.

Wow. Just WOOOOOOW!!!

The graphics are amazing, with a consistent, fun style and equally dazzling color palette. The game play is excellent with simple controls, which allows the player to focus on the environment and the game itself. The monsters and character design are quirky and stellar.

Basically this game is well worth five stars. The art work is definitely the selling point for the game!

This is too good to be a web game.

I would buy this game, I need a counsel release.