Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

Nailed it first try. Not really a fan of the artwork and some of the illustrations are ambiguous, specifically the Ghost/Harry Potter art and the Run Lola Run/Forrest Gump art. Just saying. Good job though, I'm happy for you that you got front page.

this is pretty fun
i got 34 right

Well, this was submitted on April Fool's Day, but it looks normal. Wait, it is different than your usual stuff. Maybe it is April Fool's? Anyway, I loved this because of how easy it was! Okay, I still couldn't find the three stars. I got nearly every movie parody right.

I only got "2001: A Space Odyssey" wrong. I was just too fast and clicked "Planet Of The Apes"! I'm still a movie expert. If you did this all the time, I'd easily win. I'm better with it than art.

4 stars?

2 of them are for the lovely artwork.
I REALLY like it. Well done.
The parodies themselves? So-so.
No idea why this game is running sluggishly on my PC though (lag, etc.)
Nicely crafted little trivia game. Excellent presentation.

Great artwork as always.
Turns out I know a lot more about movies then I know about art, lol