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Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

Great artwork as always.
Turns out I know a lot more about movies then I know about art, lol

Haha I really loved the shower scene with the whale. Good work!

Nice game!!

Few unpleasant things - the mouse doesn't disappear on screen, so I have two cursors. The clickable menu options aren't clear enough (at least to me, I had to figure out randomly where to click in the menu). Since the third act the questions started to repeat themselves and then I got stuck in a loop of those two repeating acts. I didn't find any ending in this game - the only purpose is to get medals and have fun I guess, but some ending would be neat. On the other hand the playful graphics is really nice and the medals keep the game interesting.

Munguia responds:

Thanks for comment and play, the repeat questions is fixed now so you wont stuck any more, :)

After part 4 it loops back (on part 3), allowing you to score in excess of 40 points, get more than three stars, and not allowing you to finish the game (in Opera and Chrome running under Windows 7).