Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

bastante malerva. y te doy el review en español, por que elegí English y así y todo aparecían cosas en español. y si no llegara a entender? maloso.

Great way to display sub par artwork that a ten year old could have done, then pass it off as a trivia game easy enough for said ten year old; HOWEVER, the movies are all ones that someone in their 30's would know............ So, basically, wtf?

Muy bien.

This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed finding the hidden films. I'm definitely going to check out other games from you guys.

Gracias munguía, gracias por ponerle humor, onda, medallas (incentivan a seguir jugando) y bueno, gracias por estar.

This is awesome! Also, I got all of them right on the first try too! Great job dude!