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Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

These are not parodies, they are puns. Making Harry Potter an actual potter, as in one who makes pots, and adding a slice of pie to the Life of Pi, these are just examples of wordplay. Some of the wordplay doesn't even make sense. Planet of the Legos? I recognized the scene so I got the answer right but what is the link between Legos and Apes that makes that substitution make sense? Just odd overall.

Very, very good! :) But I think the pictures were a little too predictable. It's so very easy to understand what movie it is, LOL! :) Anyways, very well done! ;)

This trivia game is right up my alley to the movie theater! I love movies so this one had trivia that was easy. Maybe next time I can find the hidden stars and the hidden films! Good game and I like how original this game developer is as this is part of a series no one on here has done before; taking famous or popular works and making spoof drawings out of them. Great job guys with another good one!

For be a quiz and easy is hard to remind without internet those movies and series.

5 of 5 homie.

remember when hartman yells at lawrence, or singing while they make his soldiers run?, no.. well.

Anyway, good art for a game, favorite when marios was indiana and the life of pie.

"game of thrones" XD