Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

good art but I'm not a Movies Parodies kind of guy

Good game, quite challenging, artwork is very good 5/5!

Not bad at all. Mainly because I'm a big movie buff and was raised on alot of the classics I t think I missed 5 in all. Very colorful and has lots of imagination too.

I love his games! Please make another album covers game!!!

Finally one of these parody questionnaires where I actually know 99% of the answers! :D Only one I didn't know was Hanna, though recognized all the characters from the cartoon counterpart with same first name. Also bit tricky with the TV shows since I don't watch those, and I did get a couple wrong the first time around, with clashing references. Not always the clearest, but entertaining. :) Appreciate the extras too, though one thing it could do without are those ads to the other games within the actual game: when you're playing this one, you don't really want to open up something else. Overall: great work!