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Reviews for "Famous Movies Parodies"

Mongolia's flash game, Famous Movies Parodies, is a clever game with laughable visual. I wasn't expecting the humorous artwork and it made chuckle till the end of the game. Although the artwork seems poor in quality (and intentional perhaps), I can tell the author put dedication in making the parody recognizable and funny as well.
[SPOILER] I've never seen movie Hanna but your parody of using characters from Hanna-Barbera is clever although it gives away a free answer for the people who haven't seen the movie Hanna, (well implying if the player knows what Hanna-Barbera is).
In conclusion, Famous Movies Parodies is worth 3 stars. I really enjoy playing it but I don't see myself coming back for a 2nd play through. I got the medals I deserve and I had myself a chuckle. The visuals are humorous but, I believe they could've been better even if it was intentional for it to look mediocre. The music wasn't satisfying to hear and it's very boring. Otherwise, great work on creating this flash game and I love the option to choose Spanish as a language - very thoughtful.

good art but I'm not a Movies Parodies kind of guy

Good game, quite challenging, artwork is very good 5/5!

Not bad at all. Mainly because I'm a big movie buff and was raised on alot of the classics I t think I missed 5 in all. Very colorful and has lots of imagination too.

I love his games! Please make another album covers game!!!