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Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

Although it is not a brand new idea, I still like it.
Now is stuck on Hunter quest, the angry man just not let me start it.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks. Now fixed:)

Same issue as yound ; i'm stuck in the survivor quest.

Fire camp made, fish cooked, but wide man doesn't unock next quest.

Good game, but fixing that bug would make it even better :)

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you, the bug is now fixed:)

Great game. I like the feel, through not much risk.
btw, I can't get the survivor quest finished - wise guy says "well done!" but that's it. Looking at the medals, seems I not the only one.

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you, the bug is now fixed:)

i wanted to like this a lot more than I did but there are too many issues with it at the moment. Here's a quick list of things I noticed:

-There's no way to tell what level you are.
-you can't tell what level the enemies are without right-clicking and there's no indication that right-clicking even does anything in this game so if I hadn't played runescape before i wouldn't have even thought to try that.
-the vast majority of the enemies are way stronger than you even though you're in the starting area.
-it says your max health increases with attack level but it doesn't...
-it's basically a clone of runescape, which i wouldn't mind as much if the game was more cohesive.
-chickens break the laws of physics. if you follow them long enough they just disappear.
-there's no quick or obvious way to recover health and everything deals high damage even the low level enemies (2 and 3 is high damage when you only have 10 hp) so you have to spend too much time waiting to heal.
-since everythng seems to fucking slay you and you lose everythign when you die it's pretty much impossible to make progress.
-it's really unclear where anything is. are there shops? what use are these items? shoudl i sell them? where do i find things to heal? i can't really explore much because too far north or west and infected people kill me in a matter of seconds

This is a really good first attempt at something like this and it's obvious a lot of work went into this but you need to have more people test the game and get more feedback before releasing something like this because i hate to see so much potential underperform.

On the positive side the art is really cute and unique and the music and controls of the game are dope as well. I would honestly just work a lot more on this and rerelease it because it could be very dope.

I'd copy runescape a little less tho ;)

Maxiecole responds:

Hi, thanks for the detailed feedback!:)
A few questions,
what do you mean by "No way to tell what level you are?" Do you mean a general level of the character? Each skill has it's own level and can be viewed in the stats menu.
About the health problem, the third/fourth quest is practically a guide how to heal your health via potions and food. Before that it would be indeed hard to make significant progress.

great game max! it just needs cursor :(

Maxiecole responds:

That's a weird bug... what browser are you using? Does it work if you switch to for instance Mozilla or Edge?