Reviews for "Dragonmyths"

yo, I grinded on this for ages and it was pretty fun. but I've had a few problems, namely:
- There's nothing in the vast expanse of east land or the north island (with bridge to it)
- Figuring out how to get red or "crushed" is beyond me
- Kiwis actually increased the length of their health bar (and stayed at full health) when I used magic attacks on them
- The dungeon has an annoying long strip of land at the bottom right with nothing on it...
- Had to catch so many pointless goldfish to get to level 5

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks, I will look into the point you've made.

Really good and addictive. I just wish there was a way to get your things back after you've been killed. I just finished making 5 knight bars and made the good sword. Right after that i went out to get more items for more knight stuff and a mountain lion killed me. All that hard work for nothing... :(

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks, I will look into maybe having the player select what he holds dearest and so can keep some times.

4 stars
Fun game, nice twist on a standard RPG. The art is simple yet dynamic.
Well done.

Maxiecole responds:


Outstanding. Everything is fun and cute. I would highly recommend this to my friends.

Maxiecole responds:

Thank you!:)

I would give it 5 stars if there was any indication as to how to gather the red stones and more gold for the "king" quest (knight shield). Other than that, the game play is pretty easy to understand. The quests are straightforward and tell you what you need to progress. After crafting better shields and weapons, it becomes pretty hard to die (watch your health and you never will die). Maybe just add some sort of pointer in the right direction for that last quest and I'd give this game 5 stars for sure.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the review. No idea how that slipped through, anyway, the materials should now be obtainable:)